Host, Oskar Zimmerhofer, practising archery
Hotel guests practising archery
Trainer and hotel guest practising archery
Archery target

During archery with the owner …

... learn the basics of the sport and have fun

Would you like to know what you can expect from archery with the boss of the Hotel Sonnalp? It’s plain and simple. In this archery course for beginners, Oskar Zimmerhofer shows you how to hold bow and arrow correctly in your hand and what you have to pay special attention during archery. He is a very experienced archer – after all, he can look back on more than thirty years of experience. He will be happy to introduce you to this millennia-old sport and give you valuable tips and tricks.

An outdoor archery range is located right next to our hotel in Maurach; the other archery range, a WA range, is only a five-minute drive away. Take a look at our archery offers and get fascinated by this fascinating sport!

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