Relaxation room in the Sonnalp hotel


A special kind of wellness area in Maurach

The first Prof. Pöppel relaxation room in Austria

Wellness in Maurach – is exactly what you will experience in a very special way at our hotel at Lake Achensee: in the Prof. Pöppel relaxation room. This is a room shielded from electrical radiation and the walls of which are covered with sound-absorbing material.

This room was named after Professor Josef Pöppel. In the course of his work, he has noted that a stay in such a room can alleviate various health problems, such as: tinnitus, allergies, rheumatism, arthritis, asthma, diabetes, and even multiple sclerosis. In addition, some visitors to the relaxation room were able to experience noticeable pain relief.
Why is that? The reasons for this are still unclear. Scientific studies are still pending. However, it is assumed that the parasympathetic nervous system is activated during the stay in the Prof. Pöppel relaxation room. This part of the vegetative nervous system is important for rest, relaxation, and regeneration.

To put it simply, the brain and the nervous system finally find the long-awaited relaxation in this low-irritation room. Try it out and experience a very special kind of wellness – with us, in Maurach!