Two tubs with candlelight in wood-panelled room
Pleasant rose bath at the Sonnalp hotel


A variety of spa treatments on holiday

Whether relaxing or stimulating – it will surely be pleasant!

A wealth of wellness treatments on holiday – this is what we offer you at our hotel in Maurach. Combine your holiday at Lake Achensee with soothing wellness and return home relaxed and visibly rested. Our various massages and baths leave nothing more to be desired. Our spa team knows how to respond to your individual wishes and needs and pampers you with a great deal of empathy. In order to secure your desired appointments, we recommend that you reserve the desired treatments from home.


All spa treatments for your holiday – at a glance:

Relaxing bath on winter holidays in Tyrol
Relaxation with a massage at the top hotel in Tyrol, Austria
Relaxation during a massage
Special treatments
A couple in front of the sauna at the Sonnalp
Health and wellness packages
Tyrolean shale oil bath
approx. 25 min.28 €

Relieves joint pain, rheumatic discomfort, muscle tension, and promotes blood circulation in the skin.

Tyrolean shale oil vitality bath
approx. 25 min.28 €

This bath has a preventive and soothing effect for colds.

Alpine herbal bath for two
approx. 25 min.56 €

Indulge yourself in the herbal bath from the Tyrolean mountains with a glass of sparkling wine, fruit, and relaxing music and enjoy the togetherness.

Back or legs
approx. 25 min.35 €

A back or leg massage is one of the classic massage techniques. Muscular tension is relieved and blood circulation and detoxification processes are promoted.

Relaxation from head to toe
approx. 50 min.60 €

Let yourself be massaged from head to toe. Feel your tensions subside while detoxification processes and blood circulation are promoted.

Tyrolean shale oil fango mud with partial massage
approx. 50 min.58 €

This is a heat treatment with the soothing effect of Tyrolean shale oil in combination with a relaxing back massage.

Individual massage
approx. 50 min.63 €

An individual massage will be tailored to your personal wishes and needs with the treatment types that are suitable for you.

Foot or hand reflexology massage
approx. 25 min./approx. 50 min.35 €/60 €

A foot or hand reflex zone massage serves to activate the entire body. Here, the reflex effect on organs and structures is used.

Manual lymphatic drainage
approx. 25 min./approx. 50 min.35 €/60 €

The lymphatic system is the lifeline of the human body. Manual lymphatic drainage is a pleasantly gentle massage technique that stimulates the lymphatic circulation. This leads to an intensive purification.

Head and facial massage
approx. 25 min.35 €

A wonderfully pleasant treatment for the part of our body that is most exposed to the environment. A head and facial massage relaxes all facial muscles and decongests the lymph channels around the eyes, sinuses, and maxillary sinuses.

Hot Stone massage
approx. 80 min.94 €

This type of treatment originates from the Indian culture. Hot lava stones are placed on energy centres. In combination with a massage, energetic blockages are released.

Sports massage back or legs
approx. 50 min.63 €

This massage is perfect for sore muscles and tired bones.  After a strenuous day in the mountains, a sports massage is just the right choice to relieve sore muscles.

Special treatments
Craniosacral therapy
approx. 50 min.69 €

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy is a painless method for treating the after-effects of trauma (e.g. allergies, skin disorders, addictions, etc.). Please note that this therapy can only be booked on certain days. Please schedule your appointment at the reception.

Divine healing arts (Shiatsu)
approx. 50 min.69 €

This treatment alleviates structural-muscular problems, unbalanced energy flow in the organs, or functional ailments. This therapy can only be booked on certain days. Please schedule your appointment at the reception.

Spine special
approx. 50 min.63 €

Here, an intensive deep treatment of the entire spine takes place. Starting with massage grips that go deeper and deeper, to mobilisation, mechanical blockages of all kinds are released.

Singing bowl massage
approx. 50 min.60 €

A singing bowl massage helps to release mental and natural tensions. The vibrations of the singing bowls placed on the body act on the cellular level.

Ear candle treatment
approx. 25 min.28 €

This is a highly effective, versatile treatment agent for heat and pressure equalisation. It is particularly recommended for headaches, earaches, and impaired balance.

Akuma release
approx. 50 min.69 €

This method is based on three different individual body therapy treatments as well as on gentle traction and mobilisation elements that are combined in a harmonious way:

  • Acupressure
    Acupressure means "needle pressure" and can release blockages, relieve pain, and have a positive effect on general well-being.
  • Marma massage
    "Marma" is a Sanskrit word and means "secret" or "hidden". These are nerve crossing points (usually on the skin surface). According to the definition, a crossing in the body is a point at which two or more marma points meet. For example: muscles, blood vessels, bones, or tendons. The desired healing can be achieved by pushing or massaging these crossing points.
  • Release massage
    Let go, relax, and be free. This is a very sensitive form of massage and can be performed gently or with more strength depending on your preference.


Our masseur, Chris, has put together this massage combination himself. Let yourself in – you will be amazed and feel like you’ve been reborn! This therapy can only be booked on certain days. Please schedule your appointment at the reception.

Health and wellness packages
Well-being day with Tyrolean shale oil
approx. 75 min.86 €

Relax – Activate – Recover. This is probably the best way to describe a day of well-being with Tyrolean shale oil. It includes a shale oil bath, a partial massage including tonic, as well as a foot reflex zone massage with foot balm.

Sonnalp’s detoxification day
approx. 100 min.103 €

Detoxify your body. In this health and well-being package, you can expect a salt bath, a relaxing foot reflex zone massage, and lymphatic drainage that stimulates the lymphatic circulation. This leads to an intensive purification of your body. Afterwards, you'll feel like a whole new person.

Back special with Tyrolean shale oil (3-day programme)
approx. 150 min.153 €

A minimum stay of three nights is required for this wellness package. Relax with shale oil fango mud with partial massage, a soothing shale oil bath with foot reflex zone massage, and a special spinal treatment including shale oil tonic. Let us solve your blockages with this 3-day programme so that you feel alive and free again.